know your customerKnow your customer is the process of identity of its clients and assessing potential customers for the company relationship.

When it comes to business, building a strong relationship with customers is important in both online and offline.

Consumers are really irritating when often send your product details to their email or mobile, this is not a good strategy to build your business.

Keep going SEO



Updations of google algorithm, keyword is not important anymore. However, keyword density is performing a vital role, rotation your keywords in a article/blog or pages.

Add a keyword in your image makes alt attributes.

Google’s Rank brain algorithm can work out and understand of the synonym of keyword search and provide more relevant search results for users.

Keep updating your SEO process rank your page high organically. Update your company profile in Google My Business.

Email Strategy



‘Remarketing’ or called ‘e-Mail Marketing’ is the most powerful weapon in digital marketing. If we do it use in properly, otherwise it won’t work.

Set a goal at what your offer, send the right message to right person at the right time by using analytics.

If you are not using email marketing properly, real hard to pull our customer again.

When you send your products details often, the customer directly delete your message without reading it and also they will get harsh feel about your company/product. Undoubtedly you loose the valuable customer.

Using Anlytics


Web analytics

Analytics is potential tool from smaller to higher-level business. Data mining concepts, you can craft your customers demographic (age gender location) and interest at which product/services they are surfing. Targeted the audience bring them to conversion.

BSR Solutions can help you attract your customers and drive them into sales.



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