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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service


BSR Solutions focus on become one of the best SEO company in Trichy. SEO service is a extremely powerful for develope a business, is the process of reach your website ranked ‘organically’ on search engines.

Google regularly updates its algorithms. As SEO company, we sincerely notice and tackle various activities every month to help your website rank better in SERP than competitor.

SEO will take time to get a good ranking in google’s search result page, but once you have a solid ranking it is easier to maintain. If you stop some other cost then you will lose your ranking and hard to index in google again.

When people search a relevant keyword or phrase about your business, services or products, results will appear in search engine result page(SERP).

Increasing the amount of organic traffic to your website, can attract all the visitors in the world. If your website is an e-commerce or online store, it will drive conversion to lead to sales.

Why SEO is important? 

SEO is the powerful marketing tool for business. Millions of users per day looking for answers in the web depend on their need. If you have a website, which can help your business to develop.

If users want to know the product or service details, first they are surfing the web through devices, and more frequently a information appears in the search engine result page(SERP).

The more visitors, who are the search engine’s users; these visitorscan be converted into customers.

Organic search is primary source of website traffic, which drive users to visitors to customer. Some SEO company strategically success to make conversion for their B2B & B2C clients.

Why Choose Us?

We have an innovative way of working, create cost effective and retain quality, offering lower prices than competitors.

We forethoughts of new strategy in the competitive world and keep updating. You can customise your plan for your business need.

We are efficiently do service with a certified professional of  Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and bingAds Accredited Professional.

The value customers actually generate a result, the way we treat our existing customers, the reputation it creates across the marketplace produce new customers.

Cost customer acquisition we know the value of customers bring to our business, helping you to grow your business effectively.

Truly care about our work and show that not just outcomes in the development of your business on the web, yet is the key motivation behind why so a hefty portion of our customers have continued returning to us.

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    How SEO Works?

    Google, bing, Yahoo, and other search engines has a crawler that collect information from the list of web addresses via sitemap. After crawling the pages search engines understand what the page is about. This process is called indexing

    If we want to stop or skip crawling certain pages of our site, use robot.txt file.

    Optimising a website involves metatag, content, url structure, indexing, site crawling, on-page, off-page, keyword density, etc., to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

    Major Tools – Google Webmaster Tool, Google My Business,  Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tool, Bing Places for Business, etc.,

    SEO Strategies

    First and most important step is to analyze your website. Once you initialize your analytics program, record the first measurements, before applying Search Engine Optimization strategies.

    Search engine algorithms changes tactics and updates regularly. As a SEO Company, doing SEO in the way of algorithm works.

    After you prepared, your site uses webmaster tools and follows major steps are Accessibility and Indexability. There are a lot of factors in search engine’s algorithm to follow, and here the list show how experts ranked their importance:

    We are always keep updating technology, recently we are learning Data highlighting from digital deepak seo mastery program.

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    What our client says

    Excellent SEO, Thanks a lot, it's the best site for creating brand awareness by online advertisements. I received lot of customers.
    Ajith r
    Ajith R
    Thanks a lot to SEO and Web design team. Now I am getting lot of businesses.
    Krishnakumar V
    Krishnakumar V
    Mobile App Developer

    Case Study - SEO Services

    Responsive Website

    We could try to make your website respond to all devices in all conditions. Create a design approach for mobile, desktop, laptop etc.,


    Web crawlers collecting information from web pages. Search engine which show the relevant information to users who, can search more efficiently.

    XML Sitemap

    XML Sitemap is a protocol which allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling.

    Website Validation

    Website validation is an important step towards ensuring the technical quality of site’s web pages. We are not able to solve all this problem here.

    Page Speed Insight

    This is one more important tool in SEO,  which is built to identify faults in a website’s compliance with Google’s Web Performance.


    URL redirection, also called URL forwarding, web browser attempts to open a URL that has been redirected, a page with a different URL is opened.

    On Page Optimisation

    URL structure, meta tags, Heading tag, outbound, Inbound links, page content, Images, alt attributes, uptime monitoring. 404 error page, etc.,

    Off Page Optimisation

    Quality backlinks such as Social media, blogs, forums, social bookmarking directory submission, classified submission.

    IP Canonicalisation

    IP canonicalization is a process used for SEO (search engine optimization). When a site’s IP address is redirects to the domain name.

    SEO Services in Trichy Frequency Asked Question

    SEO is the process of getting traffic to your website organically  with the particular keyword/phrases in Google’s search engine result page (SERP).

    The average time for websites to rank on Google optimization usually takes 90-180 days depending on your industry and area.

    SEO help to get your web page appear in a search engine result page for the particular keyword. SEO brings credibility with people looking for your product or services.

    BSR Solutions works the projects with Google certified professional. Troubleshooting webpages to improve the performance in SEO. Submitting pages for indexing whenever the content is updated.
    Black hat SEO focus on only search engines results and its usually do not obey search engine guidelines. We deeply use SEO techniques to avoid for Black hat SEO.
    SEO techniques, such as putting keywords and having proper length and file structure in the URLs
    A funnel is to track path that visitors use to land into the web page.

    Other Services

    Social media service

    Social Media

    In the field of Digital marketing, social media marketing is a ‘other big thing’ to reach people. It always increase followers.

    Online Advertising Service

    Online Advertising

    It is important to understand that online advertising is a subset of digital marketing and not something different.

    SEM Service


    Mostly the advertiser has chosen a Pay Per Click targeted business value. Advertiser have to pay for only users clicking ad.

    web design service

    Web Design

    BSR Solutions is one of the web design company in Trichy. We give our best service in making responsive website design.

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