Customer Acquisition


Customer Acquisition – We forethoughts of new strategy in the competitive world and keep updating. You can customize your plan for your business need.

Generate company’s data analysis report to improve business relationships with customers, particularly focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales.

Analytics report involves marketing program around products or services that suit new consumer tastes.

BSR Solutions provide you SEO report so that you can see where your website ranks in Google.


A company’s ability to attract and retain new customers is related not only to its product or services, but also to the way it services its existing customers, the value, the customers actually generate as a result of utilizing the solutions and the reputation it creates within and across the marketplace.

The way we treat our existing customers, the value customers actually generate a result, the reputation it creates across the marketplace produce new customers.


We provide the guidance to identify strategies and technologies that will maximize your investment. It will help your customers find you on the Web, deliver the results you required.

Cost customer acquisition we know the value of customers bring to our business, helping you to grow your business effectively.



We are specialized in SEO, Social Media, Branding, Online Advertising and Web Design.

Got ‘Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing‘ and Microsoft’s ‘bingAds Accredited Professional.’ 

Many years of experiences in IT industry decided that started a Digital Marketing agency in Trichy, helps small companies can brings stronger branding.