Mobile App Development Company in Trichy

BSR Solutions is a multi-platform mobile app development company based in Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

We synthesize our knowledge and skill to deliver the best mobile application development services in our location.

mobile app development

Our mission is to be a company where our customers love working with us.

Mobile apps have played a vital role in bringing business. Nowadays, customers prefer mobile apps rather than websites because they are user-friendly.

Trichy City grows fast with development companies. People may hard to find the best mobile app development company in the city.

We at BSR Solutions architect, design, develop, and the best mobile application for both iOS and Android.

Our expert team delivers smarter and friendlier ways for our clients and their customers to enroll with technology.

We offer high-quality services in iOS and Android app development.

Business skills are also essential for building successful apps because it can help us properly monetize your app.

Test it for Bugs

New apps always have bugs, so we essentially play-test the app to see where the bugs are so that we can fix them.

The benefit of Android App Development

Open Source.

The Android SDK is open-source which means you can interact with the community for the future expansions of android mobile application development.

Low Investment & High ROI.

Android apps run on devices from different manufacturers with varied hardware configurations. This platform is very good-looking for handset manufacturers.

Easy to Integrate.

You can integrate the android app according to your business. It offers highly customized options.

Android applications are scripted in Java language.

Major Benefit of iOS App Development

It provides a high-end security layer. Security against data duplication, data encryption, data theft, user identity, etc.,

Users can assure that every app they download from the app store would work smoothly.

iOS applications are developed with ultra-safe and secure features.

Applications are thoroughly tested by the company(Apple) before being considered for downloading.



We are specialized in SEO, Social Media, Branding, Online Advertising and Web Design.

Got ‘Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing‘ and Microsoft’s ‘bingAds Accredited Professional.’ 

Many years of experiences in IT industry decided that started a Digital Marketing agency in Trichy, helps small companies can brings stronger branding.