How to change nameservers easily?

In this post, I will tell you how to change nameservers easily? in detail. Before I start I want to say something. Do not make any changes if the hosting domain and files are to the same hosting provider. Rather. If you purchased the files on one hosting and the domain on another hosting, it is mandatory to point a domain to hosting.

Domain names will check the nameservers to find out where the content of a website is. Nameservers dictate DNS, which means Nameservers tell the internet where to find the website address associated with a domain name.

You should ask your hosting provider about the nameserver details in which you hold the files. After getting the nameserver’s details, go to the domain located hosting and update to nameservers’ details. It usually takes 24-48 hours for the nameservers to change.

We will see clearly below what you need to do to set up DNS records with your nameserver provider.

Before initiating the process ask your hosting provider nameservers details in which your files are located. for example, nameserver information will be like this:

Change Domain Nameservers

1) Login to your server provider(where you have a domain)

2) Go to the client area, select the Domain under the domain section

3) Click the domain name you would like to manage.

changing nameservers

changing nameservers

4) Click Manage Nameservers, in the Nameservers column.

5) Remove existing nameserver details and Enter the new nameserver details in the box

6) Nameserver and then click the change nameservers, then the popup will come and says nameservers update it will take time to reflect 24-48hours. then it works fine.

Finally, Even if your website’s files and domain are on different servers, they are now linked clearly and your website will work without any problems. My last article How to Migrate WordPress Site Manually i mention about when you need to change nameservers, please check.

Many people think that the process of the nameservers changes is different from different host providers. But for me absolutely not!. Godaddy, Hostinger, Milesweb or another hosting provider you know, do the same procedure, the design may be different so do not worry about changing it.

Simply, DNS -> Domain -> Manage -> update Nameservers that’s it.

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