The Wise Parrot

Once upon a time, in a lush green forest, there lived a wise and colorful parrot named Priya. She was known far and wide for her knowledge and wisdom. Animals from far and near would seek her advice on various matters.

One day, a troubled monkey named Manu approached Priya with a heavy heart. Manu had recently inherited a large banana orchard from his ancestors. However, he was facing a dilemma. Some mischievous monkeys from a neighboring forest would frequently raid his orchard, causing havoc and stealing the ripe bananas.

Manu shared his problem with Priya, seeking her guidance. The wise parrot listened attentively and pondered for a moment. She then advised Manu, “Fear not, dear friend. I have a plan that might help you protect your orchard from these miscreants. Gather all the ripe bananas and tie them with strong ropes to the branches of the tallest tree in your orchard.”

The Wise Parrot

The Wise Parrot

Manu followed Priya’s advice diligently and secured the ripe bananas high up in the tree. As expected, the mischievous monkeys arrived at the orchard that night, ready to feast on the succulent fruits. To their dismay, they found the bananas out of their reach. Frustrated, they left the orchard empty-handed.

Word of Manu’s clever strategy spread throughout the animal kingdom. Animals were impressed by Priya’s wisdom and sought her counsel in their own predicaments. Priya became a revered figure, known as the Wise Parrot.

One day, a group of worried rabbits approached Priya. They informed her about a cunning fox who had been ambushing them during their foraging expeditions, putting their lives at risk. The rabbits sought guidance on how to outsmart the crafty predator.

Priya thought for a moment and shared her plan. “When you spot the fox, scatter in different directions,” she advised. “But be sure to leave a trail of fresh carrot tops leading to a hidden burrow. The fox, enticed by the scent, will follow the trail, thinking it leads to a grand feast. However, the burrow will be a dead-end, allowing you to escape safely.”

The rabbits followed Priya’s instructions diligently. Whenever the fox approached, they executed the plan flawlessly. The fox, deceived by the tantalizing scent of the carrots, fell into the trap and found itself trapped in an empty burrow. The rabbits, meanwhile, hopped away to safety.

News of the rabbits’ successful escape spread far and wide, further enhancing Priya’s reputation as the Wise Parrot. Animals from all walks of life sought her advice, be it a clever squirrel looking to protect its acorn stash or a timid deer seeking courage to face its fears.

Priya’s wisdom and guidance helped the animals of the forest overcome their challenges and live harmoniously. Her teachings emphasized the importance of intelligence, resourcefulness, and unity in the face of adversity.

As the years passed, Priya continued to enlighten and inspire the animals with her wisdom. Her reputation grew, and she became a revered figure in the animal kingdom. Priya’s legacy served as a reminder to all that knowledge, when used wisely, could bring peace, prosperity, and harmony to the world.

The tale of “The Wise Parrot” teaches children the value of knowledge, wisdom, and resourcefulness. It encourages them to seek guidance from wise mentors, use their intelligence to solve problems, and make thoughtful decisions that benefit themselves and others.

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