How to Add a User to Google Search Console

Want to add a User to Google Search Console? There are a few reasons, including sharing and correcting data. In this post, we will see how to add a user to Google Search Console.

Why do you want to add a user in the first place? Are you running a marketing agency or because you have a lot of projects, do you give permission to a friend to manage?

Let’s see how to add marketing agency operators if you buy some permissions for some people on your team.

Generally, there are 3 levels of permissions in Google Search Console. They are 1.Owners 2.Full User 3. Restricted User

Owners can also access full settings. For example, add or remove users, configure settings, view all data, and use all tools

Verified Owner – Every property must have a verified owner. Google will verify your ownership. HTML tag, generate a file to move your file manager, etc.,

Delegated Owner – Verified owner gives permission to the delegated owner. Users or Delegated owners cannot make all changes to the property. There is no need to verify.

However any type of owner can be added or removed using the Search Console user management screen. Let’s see how to add a user to it.

Just follow some rules.

select property in Google search console

select property in the Google search console

First, you need to log in to Google Search Console. For which property/domain the user needs to be added, that property/domain should be selected.

After selecting the property, scroll down and click on settings. Now on the right side you will see Ownership verification, Users and Permissions, Associations, and Change of Address.

add a user to Google Search Console

add a user to Google Search Console

Click on Users and Permissions. Now you will have verified owner details. Click the ADD USER button at the top right.

Add user restricted

After clicking you will see a pop-up window. Enter the Gmail or email address of the user to be added.

Below that, Owner, Full, and Restricted will appear in the drop-down list. We can select any of them. Access will be available to them as appropriate.

To know more details about add users find Google Search console support 

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