Disable Right Click WordPress without Plugin

Disable Right Click WordPress without Plugin – Ever since we started our blogging career, till today, we have seen many people questioning on social media or personally how to protect your content (Text & Image) from being copied on WordPress blog. How to protect your blog’s content by having copy protection (disable right click).

WordPress Disable Right Click on Images

Let us discuss this topic today through the post, on how to disable right-click on WordPress. Do you know how to protect your blog Content Text & Image from being copied on WordPress Blog? If not then you are reading the right post. With this, you can keep your blog safe without any extra settings.

Earlier we tested this method on our blog which we liked very much. You know very well that every blogger makes the content text & image of his blog very hard.

But have you taken any measures to avoid copying all the post content (Text & Image) on your blog to any other blogger. If yes then you have done it very well, if you have not yet created any security to avoid content copying on your blog, then Content copy protection Read this post carefully and completely, easily your blog’s Content (Text) & Image) from being copied.

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WordPress Right Click Disable

Let’s know how to use the code.

Wordpress theme editor

WordPress theme editor

1. Login to the WordPress theme.

2. Select Appearance > Themes > Theme Editor.

Disable right click on wordpress

Disable right click on wordpress

3. Click on functions.php on the right-hand side. Then scroll the window and paste the given code at the end.


/*Disable right click */
function disable_right_click() {
        return false;
add_action('wp_footer', 'disable_right_click');

/*code ends */

4. Then, click Update File. Finally, don’t forget to cache in your cache plugin.

5. As mentioned above, open your website and right-click and check.

Disable Select Text and Image Load

Wordpress Additional CSS

WordPress Additional CSS

1. Login WordPress Theme

add css code

2. Go to Appearance > Customizer > Additional CSS > add Code given below

/*css to disable text, ctrl + C Will not work */
body {
-moz-user-select: none;
-khtml-user-select: none;
-webkit-user-select: none;
user-select: none;
/*CSS ends */

for Image add ths code

Appearance > Customizer > Additional CSS > add Code given below

/*css to remove image load option in mobile */

img {
	pointer-events: none;

/*CSS ends */

3. After adding code save.

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