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EmailOctopus Best Email Marketing Automation Tool

EmailOctopus Best Email Marketing Automation Tool

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The Best Email Marketing Automation Tool

At the end of June 2019, i found a cool product EmailOctopus for creating email marketing campaign.

Choosing the best email marketing is essential to grow business. Most of the marketers expect that it could be easy-to-use, reasonable price and other features.

With a huge flock of tools on Digital marketing these days, Email marketing performing multiple analysis between non-identical user groups.

Surprisingly, emails have always lived and building on their strengths by preserving tranquility from other digital marketing tools.

EmailOctopus Email Marketing Software

Email marketing tool using Amazon SES and other partners, helped more than 33,000 organisations send over 6.7 billion emails.

EmailOctopus sends your marketing newsletters through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) at a very cheap rate without sacrificing deliverability.

Marketing Tool Pricing

EmailOctopus Price list

EmailOctopus Price list

When compare to competitors pricing is affordable and very cheap. As EmailOctopus is a service on top of Amazon SES, you need to have an AWS account.

  • Amazon SES charges for sending email.
  • EmailOctopus charges services include building a email campaign, sending email to their server.

Amazon will not charge you anything for the first 62,000 emails you send in a month. If you exceed that, you’ll pay them $0.10 for every additional 1,000 emails. You will not incur any other charges.

Check our detailed price list

Email Marketing Tool Features

EmailOctopus offers simple yet powerful automation which you can use to create time-based on-boarding and drip sequences.

Keep your audience engaged with your blog by sharing your most read article with new subscribers.

Also increase revenue for your e-commerce site by introducing them to your brand with a tempting discount.

EmailOctopus at a glance

Responsive Templates

Email marketing templates have been used by thousands of businesses, allow you to create a campaign with beautiful templates across all devices, within a minute.

On the other way around, you can use EmailOctopus to send lovely designed newsletters or simple personalized text emails.

Real-Time Analytics

EmailOctopus will provide in-depth data on its performance. EmailOctopus tracked alongside the bounces and unsubscribes. You’ll be able to monitor the performance of each and every campaign with ease.

Custom Forms

We make increasing your subscriber list easy. Use their custom forms, to collect email addresses.

Other side, use EmailOctopus embedded forms or WordPress plugin and collect subscriber information on your website.

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Other Features

Unlimited emails
Expert support
Great deliverability
Full GDPR compliance
Bounce handling
Developer API

Analyse and optimize your marketing strategy


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