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All you need to do for the best ad placement for your website and do some research to find out where they work best. In this article we explain where to place ads on website and Ad sizes for desktop, mobile other devices

Initially publishers used A / B testing for their website. Then they started using Heatmap tool to calculate and display ads very accurately.



Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for AdSense heatmap on sample page layouts: The darker the shade, the greater the chance that the ad level will perform better.

Simple Google Adsense Ad Placement Guide

  1. Consider your users based on content and using heatmap tool.
  2. Which user trying to accomplish by visiting my site?
  3. Find why do they viewing a particular page?
  4. Create content for repeated visitors.
  5. Find out their attention on website
  6. Integrate ads into the area getting in the users’ way
  7. Finally, keep the web pages looking clean.

Determining Ad size and Placement

Geography is an important factor in determining ad size and location. Standard IAB sizes for desktop 300 × 250, 336 × 280, 728 × 90 and mobile 320 × 50, 320 100 are very common ad format of websites because of the significant number of bloggers who use these formats.

Ads Viewability

It is better to implement ads that do not push the content down the fold. It is best to use closed advertising around the content for better viewing.

Here are some common ad placement errors we see in mobile traffic:

Suppose a user uses his mobile device to browse feeds on Facebook. He sees an interesting link, clicks on it and it is sent to the specific webpage. When he comes to the website, the first thing he sees before the title is an advertisement.

The number of publishers doing this to increase revenue is increasing. They do it for extra cash gain. This will make users disgusted.

While this may seem profitable, this strategy is not very effective. If you want to grow your organic users, we recommend keeping your layout clean, using seamless ads and promoting good quality content.

choose the perfect ad size based on your website and placed it correctly to get higher revenue

Ad Placement on Website

3 Most Google AdSense Ad Placement on website

Ads placement of your website is almost more important than the ads themselves.

i) Middle of the Content

Placing an ad in the middle of your content is a great way to get your site visitors’ attention and click on them. After all, an ad in the content of your blog creates a gap between paragraphs so that readers can see the ad clearly.

This increases the chances of site visitors clicking on your ad and earning you some money or continuing to engage with the content of your site.

The reason this AdSense ad display is so effective is because it is close to the fold of your website. This way readers can scroll down to continue reading if you like your content.

Or, if they do not like what they are reading, they will see your ad and click on it.

ii) Bottom of Navigation Menu

If you place too many AdSense ads and too long ads on the top of your site, Google will penalize you for pushing the content of your site down the fold.

Many bloggers make good use of the space at the bottom of the menu and above the content.

AdSense ad placement location below the navigation menu their advertising is slim enough not to affect the content of the site, but clear enough that anyone who visits the web page will see it. This will make it easier for the user to view and click.

iii) Right Navigation of the Website

Right navigation(whitespace) on both sides of your content is another hotspot Ad placement position. These ads are usually large and have bold graphics to attract people’s attention without taking up much of the site’s content.

Long, vertical ads are best used for Right navigation(whitespace) AdSense placement and can generate multiple posts and clicks.

When users visit your website, you should check your website’s mobile display to make sure the ads are displayed the way you want them to.

So, now you know the best AdSense advertising sites.

Top-performing ad sizes for Desktop and Mobile devices

728×90 – Leaderboard
336×280 – large rectangle
300×250 – medium rectangle
300×50 – mobile banner
160×600 – wide skyscraper

1024×768 – Tablet landscape full-screen ad
970×250 – High demand in private auctions
970×90 – large leaderboard
768×1024 – Tablet portrait full-screen ad
480×320 – Mobile landscape full-screen ad
468×60 – banner
320×480 – Mobile portrait full-screen ad
320×100 – Mobile-driven ad format
320×50 – mobile leaderboard
300×600 – half page
300×100 – Mobile-friendly web size
250×250 – square
234×60 – half banner
200×200 – small square
180×150 – small rectangle
125×125 – button
120×600 – skyscraper
120×240 – vertical banner
120×60 – button
88×31 – button

980×120 – panorama
980×90 – Popular European size
950×90 – A top size in China.
930×180 – top banner
750×300 – The third most popular format in Poland
750×200 – The most popular ad format in Poland
750×100 – A very popular format in Poland
580×400 – netboard
250×360 – triple widescreen
240×400 – vertical rectangle

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